Gilmore Girls on Film

15 Sep

Dear Gilmore Girls:

It’s been a while. We had a good run, didn’t we? I watched you obsessively from, oh, 2000-2007, between college and grad school classes and on sick days at work. I pilfered your witticisms to use on unwitting friends. I mimicked your fast speech patterns unsuccessfully, delighted in your pop culture references, and even asked my hairdresser once to give me the “Rory Gilmore.” (My best friend, whom I’ll call “Fashionista,” still swears it was my best haircut). Whenever I pass through picturesque small towns, they remind me of Stars Hollow, and I look around, wondering who is their Miss Patty, or their Kirk. Because every small town has a Miss Patty and a Kirk.  I even asked my mom once, in a fit of angst, if she could be less Emily Gilmore, and more Lorelai. (She didn’t get it, until she watched a rerun. She was not amused).

Gilmore Girls, you saw me through my first quarter life crisis, and Rory Gilmore, you took me back to my very own high school years at a Chilton-esque private school – plaid uniform skirt and all. Sure, I wanted to shake some sense into you when you broke poor Dean’s heart that one time, and then, later, poor Marty’s heart. I secretly wished I could eat like a Gilmore, and, well, still look like a Gilmore.

It’s been three years since your final season (which, let’s be honest, was terrible, as far as last seasons go), but yet, I still miss you. Which is why my heart skipped a beat upon hearing that you might become a movie.

Would I love to see my favorite mother-daughter duo back in action on the big screen? Shockingly, no.

My memories of you are too precious, and I fear they would be tarnished by the making of a Gilmore Girls movie. I don’t want to know if Lorelai and Luke live happily after. I don’t want to know if Rory gets laid off from her reporting gig when journalism goes bust. I don’t want to watch Paris in action as a doctor with no bedside manner. And I don’t want Stars Hollow to become larger than life in a movie theater.

But will that stop me from being first in line to buy tickets? Never.


A devoted fan


One Response to “Gilmore Girls on Film”

  1. jilladuling September 15, 2010 at 8:41 pm #

    Love-love. Love, love, love! Oh, GG. I miss you!

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